Another kind of rich text editor.


Stylo is an open source WYSIWYG interactive editor for JavaScript. Its goal is to bring great user experience and interactivity to the web, for everyone, with no dependencies. Stylo is a Papyrs project.

This is an ​alpha​ version! ⚠️ The project is under active development and contributions on GitHub are most welcome.


Select text and use the floating toolbar to apply style or transform to url. It supports keyboard shortcuts as well: Control or Command-{b, i, u, k} for bold, italic, underline & insert hyperlink.

Pro tips: trigger bold mode with "**", italic mode with whitespace and "_", and mark mode with "`" while you are typing. πŸ‘Ύ

Interactive design 🎯

Stylo aims first and foremost for a clean design and an intuitive user experience. We want users to have the feature they need, right at their fingertips.

Customizable πŸ’ͺ

Based on a set of plugins that can be fully customized, enabling additional functionality or disabling default features is made easy.

Framework agnostic 😎

The editor is a lightweight (30k gzipped) and framework agnostic library of reusable components.

No 3rd party runtime dependencies. Works on all modern browsers.

The code is published under the MIT license and contributions are most welcome!

Future Proof πŸš€

Stylo controls what happens on every mutation. While a handful of actions in the alpha version still rely on execCommand to apply styles (e.g. bold, italic) - the core of the library does not. Stylo is built for the future.